Purpose: To assist parish leaders with the implementation of the conversion process for Initiation into the Catholic way of faith, called, the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA).


Mr. Matthew SelbySt. Anthony, Dubuque
Fr. Noah DiehmLaSalle Pastorate, Holy Cross
Fr. Jeff DoleBasilica of St. Francis Xavier, Dyersville
Ms. Kate TylerSt. Matthew, Cedar Rapids
Ms. Joanne PohlandOffice of Faith Formation
Ms. Peggy LovrienDirector of Worship
Marsha HauserSt. Mary, Edgewood
Dc. Mike EllisResurrection, Dubuque
Lindsay FirzlafHoly Spirit, Dubuque
Karen NewmanSt. John, Clarion

Learn how to use Sunday scriptures for RCIA faith sharing and formation sessions.