Daniel Gorsich

My name is Daniel Gorsich, and I am attending St. Pius X Seminary at Loras College in Dubuque, IA. I was born in December of 1997, in Munster, Indiana, to my parents Tom and Beth Gorsich. I was raised in Cedar Rapids starting from the age of 3, along with my 8 younger siblings Anna, Lauren, Leah, Nicholas, Christina, Brendan, Stephanie, and Teresa. I graduated high school at Linn-Mar, studied one semester at Benedictine College in Kansas, and then found my way to the seminary. I am also a parishioner at Immaculate Conception in Cedar Rapids, IA. I love sports and games, and hanging out with family and friends.

Q & A
Where and when did your sense of call develop?
I was always aware that the priesthood might be a good possibility for my life, but it was not until my first semester at Benedictine College, a few months after graduating from high school, that I starting receiving a strong and constant call from God that I am to be a priest. I responded within a couple of days, just making sure I was to make that decision, and I then started to apply to join the seminary.

What advice would you give to a man considering the priesthood/seminary?
As my pastor says, “Would you rather be behind the altar looking at everyone in the pews, or be in the pews looking at the priest behind the altar.” Where do you picture yourself in the future? Visualize, and try to feel what God wants for you and your future. The most important factor in knowing what to do with your life is to have a strong relationship with God. Knowing about God does not help much with this, but knowing Him on a personal level is how you will be able to see clearly His Will for you. The closer your friendship is with God, the more you will become like Him, and the clearer His Will for you will be.
Were you hesitant or nervous to take the first steps to enter the formation process?
No! I was pumped, and still am pumped to become a priest. I will still continue to discern my vocation while I’m in seminary, and even if I am not actually called to be a priest, I know that I am for now where God wants me to be, which is the seminary.

What do you feel the role of the priest is?
To die to himself, and be a total gift of himself for others, allowing God to work completely through him his entire life in his ministry for the Church. A priest is another Christ and a father to his children, and he must act that way. That’s what his title is! The priest saves souls with the power of God working through him in the Sacraments, and though his preaching to and interactions with others. He gathers his children under his arms and protects them, loves them, and shows them the way to Heaven.

Were you invited by others to enter seminary?
People had mentioned the priesthood to me as it seemed to be a more possible vocation for me, but I made the decision myself. Jesus invited me quite obviously and then I accepted because I want to save souls…as many as possible. I also thought, “I was raised well, so if I am too much a coward to embrace the path to the priesthood, then who will embrace it?”