Welcome and Greetings! Thank you for visiting. We rejoice that you are considering that God might be calling you to serve the Church as a priest. As you consider whether God may be calling you, please realize that you do not have to make this decision all on your own. Many young men in eastern Iowa are considering a vocation to the priesthood. Others in the Church are ready to support you with prayers and encouragement.

More importantly, know that you can count on the saints for help in your discernment. The Blessed Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus, is especially ready to help. From the Cross, Jesus asked Mary to look after his disciples. She has been doing that for centuries; she will also do it for you.

We pray that you listen to God calling you. Respond with joy and generosity!

Please contact Fr. Jon Seda, Vocation Director at [email_arch]DBQCVO[/email_arch]  or 515.292.1192 if you would like further assistance in discerning your call from God.