In the U. S. Bishops’ pastoral letter on stewardship, Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response, Bishop John J. McRaith is quoted as saying, “Once one chooses to become a disciple of Jesus Christ, stewardship is not an option.”  It is in such a spirit that the new Guidelines for Parish and Cluster Pastoral Councils has added a new standing committee to our current parish and cluster structure, namely a Stewardship Committee. This new committee will assist all parishioners to become disciples of Jesus and show their gratitude for God’s gifts.

This Guide is intended to assist Stewardship Committees in their formation. The goal is to develop a ‘spirituality of stewardship’. Only out of a ‘spirituality of stewardship’ will parishioners understand and then live stewardship as an expression of gratitude to God and as a way of life for disciples of Jesus.

Stewardship Study Guide

Living Stewardship

Bishops Pastoral on Stewardship