October 2017 – Week 4 – Subsidiarity

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The forth week of October focuses on the principle of subsidiarity. Subsidiarity cannot be considered in isolation. Subsidiarity promotes an empowerment model, where people closest to situations are included in decision making, especially in their local communities. Subsidiarity functions hand in hand with solidarity, the common good and human dignity.

If subsidiarity is divested of these principles then it ceases to be subsidiarity and morphs into an ego-centric individualism that no longer serves the dignity of the human person or the common good. It can quickly destroy relationships among peoples because it serves the passions and preferences of a select few.

Learn more below. (the combined run-time of all three videos is about 15 minutes)

Overview of the Principle of  Subsidiarity

Article on Principle of Subsidiarity in greater depth and context

Video for youth


Learn more about subsidiarity below:


Example of subsidiarity in action from CRS


Community based education in Afghanistan from CRS