October 2017 – Week 3 – Solidarity

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The third week of October we focus on the principle of solidarity. Solidarity recognizes that human persons do lot live in isolation. We are social beings by our very nature and are born into relationship with all other people.

Solidarity seeks to ensure that the relationship we have with one another is just, charitable, and respects the dignity of all. (The combined run-time of all videos below is about 15 minutes)

After watching the videos discuss ways in which solidarity can be more prevalent in your parish and community. Are there people or areas that you are leaving out of your ministries?

General Intercessions for the Marginalized

Masses and Prayers for Various Needs and Occasions from the Roman Missal: “15. For Promoting Harmony”

Overview of the Principle of  Solidarity

Video for youth



Catholic Relief Services CST101 Solidarity

Pope words video “Solidarity in Cities”

Catholic Relief Services CST101 – Preferential Option for the Poor and Vulnerable


Pope video “Countries Receiving Refugees”

Charity and Solidarity