IVF Natural Family Planning Domestic Church k-6

This session is slightly different than previous ones. Please review the videos before the session and choose one or more to show to kids and cater the discussion to the videos that you watched.

Instead of talking directly about NFP and IVF with young children, this session will focus on new life, welcoming a new baby, and the example of parents to us on how to support young ones.

Opening Prayer

Mary, Mother of God,

Joseph, her holy husband,

pray for all families who are
trying to have a baby.
Pray for parents who are expecting a new child.
Pray for brothers and sisters who
wait for a new baby in their home.
And pray for the baby in their mother’s
Bless them and keep them.



2nd Reading from 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Catechesis video


Welcoming a new baby into you family

How babies are fed by mom


Catechesis video questions

Grades k-6

  1. New babies in the family can mean a lot of new challenges. Do any of you have younger brothers and sisters? Do you remember when they were brought home from the hospital, what was that like?
  2. When the baby is in its mother’s womb it is completely dependent on the mother for food, safety and comfort. After a baby is born, what things do a new baby need?
  3. How do you think babies can communicate to their mom while they are still in the womb?

Domestic Church – The Family

  1. Has your family (or a family you know) recently welcomed a new baby? What was that like for you?
  2. What kind of things can a family do to prepare for a new baby?
  3. Some families can’t have a baby, how do you think this makes them feel when they find out about this?
  4. What are other ways families grow? (adoption, marriage, etc)

Witness Video



Witness Video Questions

Grades k-6

  1. Elizabeth and Zachariah struggled for many years to have a child. How do you think that felt to want a baby and not be blessed with one?
  2. Zachariah and Elizabeth prayed for a baby and even in old age they were able to get pregnant with John the Baptist. How can prayer help a couple who wants to have a baby?
  3. Not all couples who pray for a baby will end up getting pregnant. What are other ways for couples to be parents?

Domestic Church – The Family

  1. Elizabeth and Zachariah struggled for years to have a baby. Has your family had a similar struggle? If so, talk to one another about what that was like, sharing your feelings about the journey.
  2. If you were finally able to have a baby (or had a baby early on without much trial) how did you feel when you first heard the news or shared the news with your family?
  3. We know that not everyone can get pregnant, what are other ways to become parents or to live a motherly or fatherly life?

Take Action

Grades K-6

  1. Say a prayer every day for a week for couples that are trying to have a baby.
  2. Make Mother’s/Father’s Day Cards or Congratulations Cards for new moms and dads at the hospital.
  3. Collect diapers and clothes for a local agency that helps new parents with things that they might not be able to afford on their own.

The Domestic Church – The Family

  1. Take some time to make a meal or offer to babysit for a couple with a newborn so they can spend some time together.
  2. Pray each day for a week for whatever intention you have as a family
  3. If your family has been trying to have a baby and has not been able to get pregnant, or suffered pregnancy loss, talk together as a family how you feel and share your stories with one another.

Closing prayer

God, you gave Saints Anne and Joachim

the privilege of being the parents of Mary,

the mother of Jesus.

May their prayers watch over all parents and couples

who wish to become parents that they

may be strengthened by God in their journey.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.