October 2019 – Respect Life and Social Justice Month K-6 and Domestic Church

Opening Prayer

Act of Love: O my God, I love you above all things,

with my whole heart and soul, because you are all good

and worthy of all my love. I love my neighbor as

myself for the love of you. I forgive all who have

injured me and I ask pardon of all whom I have injured.


Scripture Reading

Responsorial Psalm  30th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Catechesis Video

After each short segment of “Lettuce Love One Another” ask the children how they can be like the people in the bible stories to each other as well as strangers.


Witness Video

After the video, ask the children if they’ve ever seen someone in need and how they responded or if they could do it again, how they might respond differently?


Action Steps

  1. Choose someone new or someone you don’t know very well to introduce yourself to in your class.
  2. Learn about another culture different than your own.
  3. Think of ways you can serve others in your school, parish, or community. Choose one and do it as a class or as a family.


Closing Prayer

“Show Me My Neighbor” a prayer from Catholic Relief Services

Lord of All Love,
As I step out the door, show me my neighbor.
As I read the news, show me my neighbor.
As I pray, show me my neighbor.
On my left, on my right
Perhaps turning to me right now
Show me my neighbor.
Where my eyes have passed before and then turned away
Show me my neighbor.
Where my ears have heard cries that I have ignored
Show me my neighbor.
As they share a story that is different from my story
Help me to listen as if it is my own.
Show me my neighbor.
And then let me love them
In their joy and in their distress
That their delight be mine
And their pain be mine too.
Let me love them
As completely and mercifully as you love me.
In true solidarity
Singing our songs together until a new song emerges,
Let me love them.
I look up now, Lord.
Show me my neighbor.


Additional resources:

Coloring activities for Catholic Social Teaching

Week 1 – Respect for Human Dignity

Activity for Elementary School Children

Activity for Middle/High School Children

Activity for groups

Respect mobile

Week 2 – Common Good

Video for youth

Common Good k-6 activities

Common Good Jr. High Activities

Common Good High School Activities

Week 3 – Solidarity

Video for youth

Solidarity K-6 Activities

Solidarity Jr. High Activities

Solidarity High School Activities

Week 4 – Subsidiarity

Video for youth

Subsidiarity K-6 Activities

Subsidiarity Jr. High Activities

Subsidiarity High School Activities

Some other activities you can do at church, home or school to participate in Respect Life and Social Justice Month!

At the Parish

  1. Attend Mass as a family and offer your intentions for respect for the dignity of all human life from conception to natural death and caring for our neighbors.
  2. Participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation if you have committed offenses against respecting others, yourself, or have ignored the needs of your community or world. Have you said mean things or thought little of other people? Have you ever thought you were better than someone else? Do you help others in need? Do you ask for forgiveness from those you may not have been nice to or have hurt?

At Home

  1. Watch the videos above and learn about Catholic Social Teaching
  2. Learn about the 7 principles of Catholic Social Teaching here
  3. Pray a rosary for the respect of the dignity of all people and for the common good of society
  4. Make a bday cake and decorate it in celebration of the life God has given your family
  5. Go as a family and pick up trash in your neighborhood to keep streams and rivers free from trash but also to beautify your neighborhood so that all who live near you and visit share in the beauty of a clean community
  6. Write a letter/s as a family to a legislator or government official asking them to support respect for human dignity and the common good.
  7. Offer to do chores for free in your neighborhood for your elderly neighbors, single mothers/fathers, those with limited physical abilities; If they prefer to do things themselves then offer a prayer for them.
  8. Attend a community event that allows you to interact with people from different backgrounds in a positive way
  9. Make peace and offer forgiveness or ask for forgiveness from members of your family whom you have hurt or have been hurt. Talk about hurt feelings with one another and practice reconciliation in the home.

In the Classroom

  1. Watch the videos above and learn about Catholic Social Teaching
  2. Learn about the 7 principles of Catholic Social Teaching here
  3. Pray a rosary for the respect of the dignity of all people and for the common good of society
  4. Practice asking and offering forgiveness with one another in class
  5. Study Catholic Social Teaching using Lesson Plans from Catholic Relief Services