Awards & Recognition of Ministries

In Vision 2000 for the Church of the Archdiocese of Dubuque, there are two strategies pertinent to the goals of the Office of Persons with Disabilities:

  • Ensure that all people experience our parishes as welcoming and inclusive communities. (1.4)
  • Work for justice, respect, cultural diversity, and reach out to the needy both within and beyond our parishes. (1.7)

In accord with Vision 2000, the Office of Persons with Disabilities recognizes parishes that have responded to the needs of persons with disabilities through the annual Inclusivity Award. We present the annual award(s) in two different categories to a parish or institution in the Archdiocese of Dubuque. These categories are:

  • Best program or project for fuller participation in parish life
  • Best improvement to property providing greater accessibility

Nomination Guidelines

  1. The mission of the project/program is pastoral and/or educational.
  2. The project or program emphasizes inclusion for full participation in Church life.
  3. The ministry emphasizes the dignity and value of individuals with disabilities and works with the individuals rather than for them.
  4. The ministry has sufficient local support (time, talent, treasure) to assure the continuance of the project/program.
  5. The project/program can be creative or innovative.
  6. A person, group, or parish may nominate a parish for the award.
  7. An award will be given to a parish in one of the two categories.
  8. The awards will be given to the respective parish(es) in August.
  9. Nominations are due April 1.

Click here: To nominate a parish or institution for a program or project providing fuller participation of persons with disabilities in the life of the parish.

Click here: To nominate a parish or institution for improvement(s) to the physical plant providing accessibility to persons with disabilities.