Spiritual Life

Baptism calls us to a life in Jesus Christ, now expressed even more through ordination to the diaconate. This permanent commitment to the People of God requires that we constantly strive to grow in spirituality. At the same time we continue those patterns that lead to spiritual growth we also, through ordination, are called to help other people grow in their spiritual lives.

Spiritual growth is not a solitary experience, but one best and most completely accomplished in the company of others. Through prayer, regular reception of the Sacraments, spiritual direction, faith sharing, reading, education as well as a host of other experiences we grow in ways that enhance our relationships with God as well as others.

There are a number of ways to enhance our own spiritual growth and at the same time help others in their spiritual growth. Each of the listed topic areas below are links to information on how we can continue to grow spiritually and also areas in which we can offer help to groups, parishes, deaneries and the Archdiocese based on our learned and lived expertise. As you peruse these links, you may discover you have questions, comments, want to offer your services or want to make suggestions on how we might offer more assistance in growing spiritually, there are instructions at each site on what to do to contact us.

Deacon Rich and Nancy Wallace, Chair Couple
Deacon Phil Saunders
Deacon Jim Thill

Spiritual Growth Opportunities

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