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  1. Last Saturday you heard two women share about the Seven Sisters Apostolate.
    What did you hear about this ministry that struck your heart?

    1. The thought of these ladies reaching out to our priests to help them support the crosses they bear for themselves and their congregation is pretty awesome.

    2. I immediately thought of my mom, who has been wishing for some time that she could support her parish’s pastor in a meaningful way.

    3. I love that the Catholic Church offers so many opportunities to participate, to do good works, and to grow in faith.

    4. I am a sub for the sisters in our parish and did not know that it was something that was growing in the area. What also struck my heart was a desire to get this ministry started in our other Waterloo parishes.

        1. Perhaps. I sub tomorrow, and I will be continue to be open to where the Holy Spirit leads me. 🙂

    5. I was struck by how this seemingly simple vocation can do so much to focus the hearts of both the priests and the sisters involved. It is a beautiful thing.

    6. I was struck by the devotion and dedication that these women have for the Church. Their commitment is inspiring and their particular ministry is another example of the wide variety of ways that the laity can contribute to the vitality of the Church.

    7. I was touched when I heard that some of the priests didn’t know who was praying for them. It seemed like that could be hard for some women who might like to tell their pastor/ associate pastor that they were lifting them up in this way, especially during difficult times. Even so, they continue make the weekly sacrifice to leave home for an hour and pray in this special way. Beautiful.

    8. I didn’t know anything about this ministry, and I was glad to learn that the priests at our parish are being prayed for each day. I feel that it is extremely important that we support our church leaders in this way.

    9. You could hear their passion and commitment to this ministry and how much they wanted to share it and have grow throughout the archdiocese.

    10. The commitment these women have to lift up our priests in prayer was moving. However, to watch them evangelize the movement to grow it well beyond what they have started is a blessing

  2. Dee has been a part of the Seven Sisters Apostolate for some time now. It is awesome to see how dedicated she and the other ladies are to sticking to their prayer times! I know God hears their prayers.

  3. That this ministry going on in our diocese and it is not very well known by the people. It is a great ministry Pam now wants to be a sub. Or priest is already being prayed for.

  4. Our priests need our prayers for wisdom, guidance, peace and patience as they shepherd our parishes.

  5. What struck me was caring that our parish priest is not being prayed for within this apostolate. I’m making the move to change that!

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