First Question

Complete this sentence in 25 words or less:


27 thoughts on “First Question”

    1. My favorite snack food is Funyuns, because they’re like onions, but fun! They bring back childhood memories because they were a rare treat after swimming lessons.

    2. My favorite snack food is Pea Crisps, because I am obsessed with peas, and they are delicious and addicting but I don’t feel guilty eating them because they’re healthy! 🙂

  1. My favorite snack food is sliced apples with almond butter, because it is healthy but still delicious.

  2. My favorite snack food is popcorn with m&m’s because it’s yummy and the buttery salt mixes well with the chocolate.

  3. My favorite snack food is Crunch N Munch because it tastes good and I’m pretty sure that it is good for my soul.

  4. My favorite snack food are fresh squeaky cheese curds, because I grew up in Wisconsin, and that’s just what we eat there.

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