Vision 2000

Vision 2000, promulgated in 1999, established a vision and goals for the Archdiocese of Dubuque in the 21st Century.  Presented in the format of a workbook, it presents the Archdiocesan mission and goals with supporting strategies in four key areas: Community, Word of God, Leadership, and Families. 

The intent of the Vision 2000 document is to promote vibrant faith communities in the Archdiocese. This document continues to provide direction for the Archdiocese.

In August of 2009, Archbishop Hanus promulgated the revised Manual for Parish Pastoral Councils. This manual includes the description of various standing committees for a parish/cluster and suggested activities for the committees.

As Pastoral Councils and Committees engage in long range planning, they will find that the Vision 2000 goals and strategies provide guidance and direction for their work.

The functions of the Standing Committees as described on pages 29 – 44 of the Manual for Parish Pastoral Councils are correlated with the Vision 2000 goals and strategies.


Vision 2000 Complete Book