Table of Contents

  • Cluster Planning Summary Report
  • Guidelines for Clusters
  • General Expectations and Principles


  • Cluster Pastoral Planning
  • Cluster Pastoral Planning Committee
  • Communication
  • Sample Bulletin Inserts
  • Draft Proposal for Cluster Catechesis
  • Planning for Parishes (John Paul II)

First Meeting

  • “The Parish Is”
  • Agenda
  • Parish Resource Study: Criteria for Parish Vitality
  • Questions for Pastor and Parish Representatives

Second Meeting

  • “The Parish Is”
  • Agenda
  • Starter Ideas for Cluster Planning
  • Cluster Pastoral Plan
  • Parish Resource Study: Physical Plant Worksheets
  • Something to Think About!

Third Meeting

  • “To guide and enliven parishes”
  • Agenda

Fourth Meeting

  • “Parish vs. Parochialism”
  • Agenda

Glossary for Cluster Pastoral Planning