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The Church has a long-standing involvement in health care as a continuation of the healing ministry of Jesus. But health care today raises many ethical issues, both for individuals making personal treatment decisions and for Catholic health care facilities coping with an increasingly competitive market. This handbook provides guidance from the Catholic moral tradition in working through these ethical challenges.


I am very grateful to the members of the Medical-Moral Commission for the truly excellent work they have done in producing this handbook. Ever since I came to Dubuque and began working with the Commission, I have been impressed with their dedicated zeal and competence.


As Archbishop of Dubuque, I have reviewed the documents in this handbook. I hereby approve them and ask all Catholics to study and observe them. May we thereby do our part in proclaiming the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ.





Most Rev. Jerome Hanus, O.S.B.

Archbishop of Dubuque

October, 1995