Healthcare Ethics

Healthcare Ethics

1.Chuch Teaching on Healthcare Ethics: A Handbook of Policies for the Archdiocese of Dubuque Under construction. Check sections for the entries currently available.

2-Authorization statement from Most Rev. Daniel Kucera, OSB
3-Authorization statement from Most Rev. Jerome Hanus, OSB
4-Membership of the Medical-Moral Commission
5-Ethical Principles
6-Death and Dying
7-Sexuality and Reproduction
8-Various Procedures and Treatments
9-Institutional Policy
10-Social Policy

II. Issues in Death and Dying

*Short articles, suitable for reproduction and distribution, on decisions to forgo life-sustaining treatment, artificial nutrition and hydration, pain management, and euthanasia/ assisted suicide.

III. Reproductive Issues

*The text of a pamphlet Treating Infertility and Assisting Reproduction Guidance from the Catholic Moral Tradition

IV. Stem Cell Research and Therapeutic Cloning

*The text of a parish education program.