Grandparenting: Leaving a Legacy of Faith

How important grandparents are for family life, for passing on the human and religious heritage which is so essential for each and every society! – Pope Francis


Grandparents are vital to the New Evangelization! Grandparents desire to pass on what is most important to their grandchildren — their faith in Jesus Christ. The Archdiocese of Dubuque is committed to helping grandparents leave a legacy of faith, whether their grandchildren live next door, across the country, or in their own homes.

For recommended resources for Catholic Grandparenting, click here. Many of these resources could be used for parish grandparenting small groups or prayer groups.

For the Grandparent Ministry pamphlet, click here.

For the Grandparent Ministry Parish Manual, click here.

For a blessing of grandparents from the USCCB, click here.

Memorial of Sts. Anne and Joachim
July 26th is the Memorial of St. Anne and St. Joachim, the grandparents of Jesus. Grandparents make up a significant segment of the parishioners in our parishes. They provide tremendous support to today’s families and are a valuable part of parish life. The weekend before or after this memorial is an opportune time to recognize and affirm their important role in passing on the faith with a special blessing and by including prayers for grandparents in the General Intercessions and the parish bulletin or other communications. Click here for options for blessings of grandparents, an intercession, as well as prayers for grandparents for your parish/cluster bulletin or other communications. The social media tiles below could also be used to recognize the important role of grandparents.

The following resources were developed for a Grandparenting Pray and Play event, and could be replicated at parishes or utilized between grandparents and grandchildren to foster a deeper relationship:

Below are social media tiles that may be used to draw attention to the importance of grandparents:
























The following are videos of talks given during the Grandparenting: Leaving a Legacy of Faith conference on August 25, 2018.

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For more information about Catholic Grandparenting, please contact:

Mary Pedersen, Director of Adult Faith
563-556-2580, ext. 298


Matt Selby, Director of Marriage and Family Life
563-556-2580, ext. 233