Policies & Procedures

Ordering Information
Education Resource Center
1229 Mt. Loretta Avenue
Dubuque, IA 52003
Phone: 800.876.3546 / 563.556.2580 Ext: 214
Fax: 563.556.5464
Email: [email_arch]DBQCMED1[/email_arch]  or [email_arch]DBQMED[/email_arch]


School-year Hours (Labor Day through Memorial Day):
Monday through Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Summer Hours (Memorial Day through Labor Day)
Monday through Thursday: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

A drop box is available outside the Education Resource Center (ERC) entrance for after-hours returns.

Closure of the Education Resource Center (ERC) is occasionally necessary to permit processing of media or system upgrades. These days will be posted in advance on the website on the ERC home page. Periodically, the ERC may also be closed for short periods of time due to Pastoral Center events. When the ERC is closed, items pre-reserved for pick-up may be picked up at the Archdiocesan Pastoral Center main entrance. Items being returned may be placed in the drop box outside the ERC entrance. Those who wish to spend time in the ERC browsing the media collection are advised to call in advance.

Diocesan institutions are not charged rental or membership fees to use the media from the ERC. The only fees that might be accrued from these institutions are late-charge assessments for media returned beyond the due date without prior extension verification. Late-charge assessments are $2.00 per day, per item.Patrons who are not directly affiliated with the archdiocesan system but are considered non-profit (Hospice, other denominations, colleges, and so forth) may choose either a yearly membership fee of $125.00 for unlimited usage of the ERC during the fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) or rental fees of $10.25 per video, DVD or CD-ROM program; $2.00 per book; and $3.00 for all other media. Late-charge assessments apply as well.
Those patrons who are out-of-diocese or not affiliated in any way with the archdiocesan system have the option of either paying a yearly membership fee of $200.00 for unlimited usage of the ERC during the fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) or paying rental fees of $10.25 per video, DVD or CD-ROM program; $2.00 per book; and $3.00 for all other media. Late-charge assessments apply as well.

Reserving Media

Ordering information must include:

  •  Title and/or Item Number
  • Contact Person Name (specific borrower name, if different than contact person, will be cited on order as well)
  • Institution Name
  • Show Date

Orders are reserved as they are received. It is recommended that seasonal media requests be made well in advance of the show date. Orders may be placed in bulk up to one year in advance. Recommended Textbooks are loaned to institutions for a one-month circulation period for review purposes. All other media are loaned for a ten to fourteen day circulation period unless otherwise requested. Extensions on loaned media may be requested and will be granted if no other patron is scheduled to receive these media. Extensions are only made upon request, and late charges will accrue on the account if an extension has not been verified by ERC staff.

Orders may be placed by mail, phone, email, fax, or in person at the ERC. Ordering information can be found at the top of this form. Emails can be sent via the ERC web site, and through the Media Request Form which is available in the FirstClass Conferences within the Resource Center folder.

Orders may be canceled at any time if they have not already been shipped. There is no charge for cancellations.

Shipping and Returning Media

All media (with the exception of Dubuque patrons’ orders) will be shipped via UPS from the ERC to your designated location unless indicated otherwise. Delivery for Dubuque patrons is available only through the Holy Family Courier. (Holy Family patrons may call the ERC for details concerning the Courier.) All other Dubuque reservations must be picked up at the ERC. Shipping is done via UPS for expediency and for tracking purposes. UPS orders are shipped from the ERC Monday through Friday at 2:00 p.m. In most cases, UPS guarantees overnight service within a 400-mile radius of the ERC. Therefore, if you have a weekend show date, you must request an item no later than Thursday noon so that it will arrive on Friday.

You may return media via the most convenient method available to you, keeping in mind that media must be received back to the ERC by the due date indicated on the confirmation letter and on the media. UPS is the preferred method because of the availability of insurance and tracking through UPS shipments.

There is a drop box located at the entrance of the ERC for after-hours returns.

Lost or Damaged Media

If an item is lost or damaged, please alert the ERC to this as soon as possible. This enables the ERC staff to promptly inform the next borrower of the situation and to make a replacement order. In cases of lost items, extensions are customarily made until the lost items are found (which usually happens). Patrons may be charged to replace lost media after an ample period of time, if deemed appropriate action for the circumstances.

Please inform the ERC if media are damaged so they are not sent to other patrons un-repaired. In most cases, media can be repaired by the ERC professionals, therefore the patron incurs no charges for damaged media.

Other Considerations

The ERC does not allow media to be “lent” to another account without prior permission. When this occurs, the media cannot be tracked accurately, which results in many circulation problems if media are not returned by the due date indicated. If such lending of material does occur, the original borrower will be responsible for any damages, late fees, or replacement fees that may occur.


The media in the ERC are protected by the United States Copyright Law. The duplication, adaptation, or any other reproduction of these resources, whether in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited without permission from the copyright owner. If you have any questions about copyright, you may contact the Director of Media Services for clarification.

General Care of Media

1. Do not allow media to be exposed to extreme heat or cold.
2. Return study guides with the media.
3. Report any damaged media. Do not attempt to repair it yourself.

Reserving Equipment

The following may be rented by ERC patrons. These fees are not included in any membership fee and will be charged as indicated to any account that rents the equipment.

  • Slide Projector: $10.00
  • DVD Player: $10.00
  • Overhead Projector: $10.00
  • Flip Chart and Easel: $5.00
  • CD Player: $10.00
  • VCR: $10.00
  • Cassette Recorder: $5.00
  • Projector Screen: $5.00

Please note: Equipment requires proper care and maintenance in order to maintain it in good working order for all clients. A minimum fee of $10 will be assessed to user if equipment is not returned in the same good conditions in which it is sent out. Proper care of equipment includes (but is not limited to) wrapping, rubber-banding, bagging and/or capping all parts in the same manner in which they were sent out; placing all equipment and parts neatly and properly back in the carrying case and bagging and returning user manuals. Clients not returning equipment in good order may be denied future equipment privileges at the discretion of the ERC.


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