Media Related Web Links

The following is a list of web links that may assist you further in contacting publishers/producers and links for media education, copyright, movie and TV reviews and other media related topics. This link will also be updated periodically, so check back often.
*The Archdiocese of Dubuque accepts no responsibility for information and views on linked Web sites.

Publisher/Producer Sites
Media Education/Literacy Sites
Major Broadcast Networks
Movie Review Sites
Copyright Sites


Publisher/Producer Sites

American Bible Society
Aquarius Health Care Videos
Ave Maria Press
Catholic Book Publishers Association
Center for Learning
Center for Ministry Development
Forest of Peace Publishing
GIA Publications and Music
Gospel Direct
Growing with the Saints
Harcourt Religion Publishers (Brown/Roa)
Harmony Media
Liturgical Press
Liturgical Training Publications
Living the Good News
Loyola Press
Videos with Value (Oblate Media)
Oregon Catholic Press
Our Sunday Visitor
Pauline Books and Media
Paulist Press
Resource Publications
Sadlier (William H. Sadlier)
St. Anthony Messenger Press/Franciscan
St. Mary’s Press
Silver Burdett Ginn
Teaching Tolerance
Twenty-Third Publications
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
Videos with Values (Oblate Media)
Vision Video


Media Education/Literacy Sites

The following web sites are organizations and resources to help families and educators make quality TV choices and learn more about the effects of media on children.
National Institute on Media and the Family
Researches the effects of media on the family.
The TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board
Handles public comments on the TV rating systems.
Center for Media Literacy
A leading organization for media literacy information and resources.
Children Now:
Lead agent in examining the impact of entertainment media on society, especially children, and to work with the entertainment industry to help convey important health messages to the public.


Major Broadcast Networks

ABC Television Network
Fox Broadcasting Company
CBS Television Network
NBC Television Network


Movie Review Sites

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops – Office for Film and Broadcasting
All listings have been evaluated by the United States Catholic Conference Office for Film and Broadcasting according to artistic merit and moral suitability.
FamilyStyle Movie Guide
Includes movie reviews for parents.
Preview Family Movie and TV Review
Access Movie and TVreviews from a Christian and family perspective
Parenting Perspective – Parent News
Weekly updated site offers parenting news, articles, tips, and movie reviews from a parent perspective.


Copyright Sites

U.S. Copyright Office
Up-to-date information on United States copyright law, pending legislation, and changes to the law.
Copyright Basics (Circulars)
Includes copyright circulars and official documents distributed by the Copyright Office.
Copyright Clearance Center
Assists in obtaining Copyright Clearances and licensing to make photocopies of text (not music) materials.
Copyright Web site
Highly recommended and a jam-packed site relating to copyright in all forms. It is considered a top site for internet evaluators. Created by a copyright lawyer. Many fundamentals and relevancy to copyright law.
Software Publishers Association
An anti-piracy group to unite the code and content of the software industry and clarify copyright issues concerning computer software.
Music Publishers Association. Inc.
To locate the song databases at the three performing rights societies, BMI, ASCAP,and SESAC Very helpful to music educators. Links to many sites and other copyright resources.
National Music Publishers Association
Parent of Harry Fox Organization with interesting copyright information and helpful advice. Copyright Licensing Societies/Groups
United States Broadcast and Music Incorporated (BMI)
Performing rights society that represents music publishers for the purpose of negotiating certain types of copyright permissions to play songs for public performance, etc..
American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP)
Performing rights society that represents all types of music publishers for the purpose of negotiating certain types of copyright permissions to play songs for public performance.
Society of European Stage, Authors and Composers (SESAC)
Performing rights society that represents primarily gospel and country music publishers for the purpose of negotiating copyright permission to play songs for public performance. Only represents about 1% of performing rights in the United States.
Harry Fox Agency
A subsidiary of the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) collects royalties for music publishers when a song is reproduced or copied, regardless of whether the public hears it, (mechanical licensing) for movies, TV jukeboxes, concerts, school shows, trade shows, karaoke…Before you make a recording, check out this site.
Kohn On Music Licensing
Assists in questions about copyright law and licensing for use and distribution over the World Wide Web.