Fr. William Menster

The Father Bill Menster Story: “South Pole Padre”


The story of Father Bill Menster was initiated as an inspirational vocational video. The efforts were to put this priest’s unique adventure into a video story form for our Catholic youth. The purpose is to encourage those viewers to look at the ministerial priesthood as a distinct and graced vocation through which God calls a chosen few to “Go in peace, to love and serve the Lord.” The story tells of his life from his childhood in Cascade, Iowa through his adventure to the South Pole. This story illustrates how God, through the voices of others and the course of life events, leads us to do things and be people we never before imaged. This story also carries a strong overtone of evangelization as you are invited to see how Fr. Bill, as a youth, was encouraged by religious sisters and how as a priest he preached, taught and prayed with the men on the voyage. Evangelization is also a great theme as he blessed the continent consecrating it in God’s name.We encourage you to use this video and discussion/activity guide during Vocation Awareness Week, or anytime during the year where catechetical emphasis focuses on service, self-sacrifice or vocations. Our hope is that the video and guide will aid all forms of religious education in spreading the Gospel message and showing he distinct ways that priesthood and religious life carry out our common calling to evangelize. This presentation is especially suited for grades 6-12, but can be easily adapted to the needs of younger students or adult groups.

“South Pole Padre” can be rented or purchased from the Educational Resource Center.