Fr. Aloysius Schmitt

The Father Aloysius Schmitt Story: “For God and Country”

The story of Father Aloysius Schmitt was initiated as a commemorative video for the 60th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor which marked his death – December 7, 1941. The video was designed to look at the humble beginning and the heroic ending of Father Aloysius Schmitt who was ordained an Archdiocesan Priest on December 8, 1935. The story tells of his life from his childhood in St. Lucas, Iowa to an early death as a Navy Chaplain on the USS Oklahoma. This story illustrates how his life and death, in the service of God and Country, can become an inspiration to all of us. We we remember Father Schmitt, we also remember all of the men and women committed to serving the needs of those in the armed forces across the country and throughout the world.

We invite you to use this video and discussion/activity guide during Vocation Awareness Week or anytime during the year where catechetical emphasis focuses on service, self sacrifice or vocations. Our hope is that the video and guide will aid all forms of religious education in spreading the Gospel message and the patriotic convictions that were the cornerstone of Father Schmitt’s life. This presentation is especially suited for grades 6-12, but can be easily adapted to the needs of younger students or adult groups.