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December 2016 – December 2017

The Archdiocesan Communications Division will provide information in Official Bulletins to assist in the 6 months prior to the July 11, 2017 email transition and the 6 months after.  Content will include:
– Answers to anticipated & frequently asked questions (FAQs)
– Benefits/Features of Google Apps
– The ways in which questions can be submitted to Archdiocesan IT personnel
– Web Resources including recorded how-to videos and a page of FAQs

January 2017:

Select Pastoral Center staff are trained as Trainers (see role definitions at the end of this document)

January 2017: Pastoral Center Staff Prepare for Transition to Gmail

February – March 2017: Pastoral Center Staff and Retired Priests Living at Villa Raphael Transition to Gmail

January – April 2017
Online Registration for Live Training Sessions across the Archdiocese

Pastors/School Administrators are asked to designate one or two staff (depending on size and needs of parish/cluster/school) to attend a live training session and serve as a liaison between their site and trained archdiocesan personnel

Updates will be provided in Official Bulletins in this time period

April & May 2017:
Training at multiple locations throughout the archdiocese

Signup here

Each parish/cluster/school designates a contact to attend in-person and serve as liaison to trained archdiocesan personnel
– Staff determined by parish leadership (1 or 2 people at each parish)
– No prior knowledge needed of Google
– Attend a live training session
– Ideally this person is the one to funnel most parish/cluster/school questions through

Recorded video will be available to watch after these sessions (see below)
– Sessions will be recorded as well and placed on archdiocesan YouTube channel
– Promoted in Official Bulletins

Tuesday, July 11, 2017:
FirstClass email system transitions to Gmail: Google becomes our email provider
All incoming emails go into gmail inboxes and are accessed via gmail
No more incoming or outgoing mail through FirstClass

Present time until July 2018:
FirstClass users maintain access to saved FirstClass files and folders even though FirstClass does not send or receive email

Definition of Roles
Certified Google Admin Google Apps expert with the highest level of expertise and has completed the official Google Apps certification program

Jeremy Jones, j.jones@dbqarch.org

Admin Support local expert with back-end user-setup knowledge
John Nigg, j.nigg@dbqarch.org
John Robbins, j.robbins@dbqarch.org
Dan Burns, d.burns@dbqarch.org

Trainer – has expertise on how to use the different Google apps
Various Trained Pastoral Center Staff

Parish Contact – liaison between Parish/Cluster/School and Pastoral Center who has attended a training session
Designated by Pastor/School Administrator

StaffParish/Cluster/School users