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Change in Archdiocesan Email Software
Recent years have seen tremendous growth in cloud-based information solutions such as Google’s “G Suite” product line. These solutions integrate email platforms with other software offerings like word processing programs, calendars and file sharing/storage solutions for greater collaboration among coworkers.

The growth of these solutions has led to email software moving to the cloud. Our current provider is not moving in this direction, so the decision has been made to transition to Google’s Gmail platform. Gmail (and the other offerings in Google’s “G Suite”) will provide a newer, feature-rich solution that many of our users are already using both personally and professionally. This transition in email software will allow the archdiocese to communicate with greater efficiency through newer technology with lesser financial commitments.

Timing of the Transition
 & Training
Gmail will become the archdiocesan email solution on July 11, 2017. On this date, all current FirstClass users will have transitioned to Gmail for sending and receiving emails. Our email addresses won’t change. Even after the email transition on July 11, users can still access files in FirstClass until July of 2018 although we recommend users work with archdiocesan IT staff to move their files by the official transition date. Live training sessions will be conducted throughout the archdiocese in April and May of 2017.  Additional information can be found on the Transition Timeline page.

Deleting and Archiving Files
Although users retain files in FirstClass for the next 18 months, now is an appropriate time to delete unnecessary files and archive necessary files out of FirstClass and into a more appropriate storage solution. Our IT staff have provided online instructions for accomplishing both these tasks. Although users will enjoy more storage in their GSuite accounts compared to FirstClass (typically 30GB compared to 100MB), deleting and archiving the appropriate files will make for a smoother transition.

Resources for More Information

A change as far-reaching as this is likely to yield many questions from parish, school and pastoral center staff. The Archdiocesan Communications Division has created this section of the website to answer some initial questions. These pages will continue to grow and provide more information throughout the email transition. Please also refer to future Official Bulletins for updates and best practices from the Communications Division.

Contact Information

If you have technical questions after reviewing these web pages, please contact Jeremy Jones, IT Administrator of Email, Software and Websites at (800) 876-3546 x291 or

Journeying Together
On behalf of the Communications Division and the Pastoral Center, we look forward to journeying with you during this important transition. After the new year, we will provide information about training sessions to be held throughout the archdiocese.

John Robbins
Director of Communications