St. George

The St. George emblem in presented to Adult Scouters and supporters for their work in the Catholic Scouting movement and with Catholic Scouts.  The Emblem is suspended from a Gold with Red, white and Blue ribbon, depicting St. George on a Horse steeping on a Dragon.  This emblem is given at the discretion the Archdiocese Catholic Committee on Scouting.  This is a national recognition for local work.  The St. George Emblem was approved in 1953 and since more than 170 Adult Scouters and supporters in our diocese have been recognized. For a list of our Archdiocesan recipients, click here.


Bronze Pelican

The Bronze Pelican is a Diocese award and is given at the discretion of the Archdiocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting to a Scouter or supporter for outstanding contribution to the Local Catholic Movement over an extended time.  For a list of our Archdiocesan recipients, click here.