Essential Learning 4C

Knowledge: Students will…

K-Grade 2

1. Know the Bible has two parts – The Old Testament and New Testament.
2. Know some stories from the Bible, e.g. Creation, Birth of Jesus, Last Supper.
3. Know that the Bible is the story of how much God loves us.
4. Be aware that they hear readings from the Bible at Mass and know that Jesus learned the Old Testament stories too.


Grades 3-5

1. Know that the Old Testament takes place before the birth of Christ; the New Testament is the fulfillment of salvation history through Jesus.
2. Know stories, parables and teachings of Jesus from the Bible.
3. Understand how bible stories connect to their lives today.
4. Understand that the 1st Reading at Mass is the Old Testament and that the 2nd Reading and the Gospel is New Testament.


Grades 6-8

1. Know Bible has two parts, The Old Testament (Jewish Scripture) and The New Testament (Christian) and is a library of different kinds of literature (history, poetry).
2. Know that the Bible is a primary source of revelation about the nature of God.
3. Know Scripture can be used in personal prayer, e.g. Lectio Divina, Praying the Psalms, Guided Medtation.
4. Understand that the readings at Mass give direction to our Christian life, as discussed in the homilies.