Essential Learning 1C

Knowledge: Students will…

K-Grade 2

1. Acknowledge Mary as Mother of Jesus and Mother of us all.
2. Know Mary’s love and trust in God by her saying “yes” to God.
3. Know that Mary was born without Original Sin.
4. Be familiar with days the Church honors Mary and saints.
5. Know the importance of the Hail Mary.
6. Acknowledge the saints and other holy people.
7. Understand what it means to be holy.


Grades 3-5

1. Recognize Mary as model of Christian discipleship.
2. Understand how different cultures, both past and present, honor Mary.
3. Know holy days of obligation honoring Mary.
4. Be familiar with the communion of saints and be able to recognize saints as models of discipleship.
5. Acknowledge faith in action in the lives of Mary, in the saints, and in members of the Church.
6. Understand that Mary is the model for holiness.
7. Recognize we are all called by God to be holy.


Grades 6-8

1. Comprehend the Church’s teachings about Mary the Mother of God and appreciate her role in the Church.
2. Know the feasts of Mary, what they celebrate and their meaning in the Church.
3. Be familiar with the history of the saints in our Church and our relationship to the communion of saints.
4. Understand that Mary is the model for holiness.
5. Recognize that we are all called by God to be holy by our baptismal promises.