Essential Learning 1B

Knowledge: Students will…

K-Grade 2

1. Know that the Bible has two parts (Old and New Testaments).
2. Know that the life of Jesus is found in the Bible.
3. Understand the stories of the Annunciation and of the birth of Jesus.
4. Be familiar with the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus.
5. Be familiar with particular stories, parables and miracles of Jesus: Prodigal Son, Good Samaritan, Wedding Feast of Cana, Zaccheus, Lost Sheep, loaves and fishes, healing of the man born blind, Last Supper, Raising of Lazarus.


Grades 3-5

1. Identify Jesus in the Gospel and how Jesus’ life applies to their lives.
2. Recount the life and the teachings of Jesus as told in Scripture.
3. Comprehend the life of Jesus through Church year, traditions, devotions (Rosary, Stations of the Cross, etc.), and prayers.


Grades 6-8

1. Identify Jesus’ life and teachings as portrayed in Sacred Scripture.
2. Comprehend that the life of Jesus is the fulfillment of salvation history as foretold in the Old Testament (Jewish Scripture).
3. Know and apply the relevance of the Gospel as a whole to Christian life.
4. Understand mysteries of the Rosary as a compendium of the life of Christ.