Parish Programs for Faith Formation

There is no magic bullet, no program, which automatically works for adult faith formation. But there are programs with good, meaningful content, which can result in engaged, active, formation—most especially through small groups. The ministry of adult faith formation relies on relationship, personal invitation, and appropriate materials to help guide others into a deeper relationship with Christ.

Scripture, read and prayed, on a sustained, daily basis, has the greatest power to transform the human heart and convert the human person to Jesus Christ. One proven method to grow in faith is through the practice of Lectio Divina (Sacred Reading). We encourage you to personally invite and gather a small group of friends (in your home or a welcoming place) each week to discuss the Sunday readings. You are encouraged to use, Sharing in Faith: Growing in Holiness, a brochure created for R.C.I.A. and small group sharing from the Archdiocese of Dubuque Office of Worship:

Please check the Archdiocesan Education Resource Center for additional resources or for your particular need:


Arise Together in Christ by RENEW International: “ARISE Together in Christ is a three-year, parish-centered process of spiritual renewal and evangelization that enables people to deepen their faith, develop a closer relationship with Christ, grow in community, and reach out in service to others. It emphasizes people living in good relationship with one another, as they make concrete applications of the gospel to their life situations.” (RENEW also offers Advent and Lenten programs, plus Theology on Tap.)

Living the Eucharist: Paulist Evangelization Ministries (PEM): “On behalf of the wider Church and the Paulist Fathers, the mission of Paulist Evangelization Ministries is to develop effective methods for inviting people to believe in Jesus Christ as Catholics or to become active again in the Catholic faith, and to equip Catholics with the tools to further this invitation.” (PEM also offers Awakening Faith, Seeking Christ, and more.)

Believe; Signs and Wonders; Connection to Christ, the Way by Evangelical Catholic: Forming Disciples. Training Leaders: “The Evangelical Catholic Ministry Model is comprised of Small Groups, Large Groups, One-on-One Groups, and Discipleship Training Groups. The 4 Gs each have their own unique character and set of strengths. Together, they create a web of opportunity, in which members of your community can be evangelized, established and equipped by skilled workers.”

Catholicism; Priest, Prophet, King; Conversion, Following the Call of Christ: Rev. Robert Barron. “Fr. Barron’s DVDs are used as powerful faith formation tools in universities, schools, churches and homes around the country. The series includes Seven Deadly Sins, Seven Lively Virtues; Conversion: Following the Call of Christ; and Untold Blessing: Three Paths to Holiness.”

Dynamic Catholic Parish Book Program: Parishes have the opportunity to purchase Catholic books at a bulk rate of two or three dollars per book. As a means of the New Evangelization, parishes are encouraged to give these books after Christmas, Easter, or Ash Wednesday Masses.

Follow Me: Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John by Dr. Edward Sri of Ascension Press. In this eight-session series, participants will explore how “Jesus wants you to be more than just a believer — he wants you to be his disciple and friend. Follow Me: Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John is your guide to a personal encounter with Christ.” Includes DVD, workbook, and leader’s guide.

Good News People: Faith, Hope, and Love in Action: “The GoodNewsPeople program is a dynamic parish-wide faith formation program of JustFaith Ministries that offers a way to promote the New Evangelization. Through an engaging small-group process of prayer, reflection, and action, GoodNewsPeople explores and deepens our call to discipleship. GoodNewsPeople is a fourteen-session program (seven sessions, break, seven sessions) designed for multiple small groups within a parish.”

Life After Sunday: “Life After Sunday (an online offering) can help provoke a new sense of wonder and friendship in small groups. ‘The Christian life has this joyfulness of spirit, a joyfulness of heart,” says Pope Francis. “This is why when we desire to have a little party of our own which is not a great feast, it does not do. Jesus is the bridegroom…who gives his life for the Church. May the Lord give us, to all of us, the grace always to have this joy, as if we were attending a wedding’” (Homily, Sept. 6, 2013).

Living Faith At Work: Our mission is to empower people, through the Catholic tradition, to live out their faith at work.

Ten Gifts of the Catholic Faith: Archdiocese of Dubuque: Ten faith formation sessions, based on witnesses from men, women, and teens around the Archdiocese of Dubuque, are available online for small or large group presentation and discussion. What’s your favorite gift? Who did you recognize in the witness videos?

That Man is You! Becoming a Man after God’s Own Heart: “That Man is You! is an interactive, multimedia men’s program focused upon the development of authentic male leadership. Over the course of three years, That Man is You! successively considers men in their relationship to God, to their spouse and to their children.”

Walking with Purpose: Enabling Women to know Christ through Scripture: Women’s Program: “Walking with Purpose aims to bring women to a deeper personal relationship with Jesus Christ by offering personal study and small group discussion that link our everyday challenges and struggles with the solutions given to us through the teachings of Christ and the Roman Catholic Church.”