Intermediate Bible Studies

Biblical Walk Through The Mass, The: Study Program:
Sri, Edward, 2011 Ascension Press. This formation program explores the biblical roots of the words, prayers, and gestures we experience in Mass and explains the significance. It explores the Mass as a true re-presentation of Christ’s redeeming sacrifice on the cross, and explores three key aspects of the Mass as Sacrifice, Real Presence, and Holy Communion. It includes six half-hour programs on three DVDs; Leader’s Guide; Student Workbook; the complete accompanying book, A Biblical Walk Through the Mass; and the reference booklet, A Guide to the New Translation of the Mass.

Great Adventure, The: Bible Timeline – The Story Of Salvation (24 – Week Course) – DVDs I and II:
Jeff Cavins, 2011 Ascension Press. This learning system – using talks on DVD, workbooks, color-coded charts and aids, study questions and answers – helps people of all levels of understanding get the “big picture” of the Bible narrative through a series of twenty-four fifty-minute talks, each of which focuses on a particular period in God’s plan of salvation. DVD I: Introduction, Early World (Genesis 1 – 3), DVD II: Early World (Genesis 4 – 11), Patriarchs (Genesis 12 – 26). (Includes preview Leader’s Guide, Laminated Color Guide, Bible Timeline Chart, Wristband, Bible Timeline Seminar Workbook, Study Set Questions, and Study Set Responses.) (4 of 24 weeks)

Little Rock Scripture Study: Pilgrim People:
2010 Liturgical Press. Pilgrim People examines the Old and New Testaments to reveal how God’s call led the people of Scripture to identify themselves as pilgrims. God’s people have always been sojourners, pilgrims on a journey, open to God’s call and direction. In the modern world, nothing is so vital as understanding this identity and finding models of faithfulness to bolster us on our own journeys. The Bible’s sacred stories unfold in a way that reminds us we are not on our own. Introduction, Session I: The Call of Abraham and Sarah, Session II: Exodus and Entry, Session III: Exile and Return, Session IV: Come, Follow Me. (5 weeks)

Breaking Open The Lectionary – Cycle B: Lectionary Readings In Their Biblical Context For RCIA, Faith Sharing Groups, And Lectors:
Dr. Margaret Nutting, 2005 Paulist Press. Breaking Open the Lectionary begins by discussing the Catholic approach to Scripture. Then, based on that knowledge, each passage from the Lectionary for Sunday Mass is interpreted in its biblical context to discover the intention of the original inspired author. Following each Sunday’s commentaries are questions to help readers understand the difference between faith sharing and Bible Study and to assist them in hearing the Word in the context of their own lives.

Catholic Perspectives – Six Weeks With The Bible: Mark – Getting To Know Jesus:
Kevin Perrotta, 2001 Loyola Press. This guide provides everything you need to explore Mark in six discussions. The readings have been chosen to take us to the heart of Mark’s message about Jesus. The weekly sections feature key passages from Mark, with explanations that highlight what his words mean for us today. Equally important, each section supplies questions that will launch you into fruitful discussion, helping you both to explore Mark for yourself and learn from one another. If you’re using the booklet by yourself, the questions will spur your personal reflection. Supplementary “Living Tradition” and “Saints in the Making” sections offer the thoughts and experiences of Christians past and present in order to show you what Scripture has meant to others-so that you can consider what it might mean for you.

Discovering The God We Call Father: A Catholic Bible Study On The Lord’s Prayer:
Rich Cleveland, 2008 Word Among Us Press. This study explores the meaning behind the words of the Lord’s Prayer and the meaning this prayer has for our lives as children of a loving Father. Each of the eight sessions features commentary linking Scripture to our lives; questions for reflection; and quotes from Church fathers, Church documents, and the saints. (Includes leader’s guide)

Eucharist, The: A Bible Study Guide For Catholics:
Rev. Mitch Pacwa, S.J., 2013 Our Sunday Visitor. Each of the six sessions in this Bible study include background information, scripture passages to investigate, discussion questions, and points for practical application. Session titles include Old Testament Background; Words of Sacrifice; Behold, the Lamb of God; Eat My Body, Drink My Blood; The Eucharist and Passover; and Christ’s Priesthood and the Eucharist.

Year Of Faith, The: Bible Study Guide For Catholics:
Rev. Mitch Pacwa, S.J., 2012 Our Sunday Visitor. This book is a handbook for mission, a tool for deepening our relationship to Christ and for introducing others to him. It can be used for individual or group Bible study. The six sessions are Belief in Jesus Christ, Assent to the Creed, Conversion, The Witness of Charity, Celebrating Faith, and Faith and the New Evangelization. Each session includes material to read and study, passages from Scripture to investigate, questions for reflection and discussion, and ideas for application.