Advanced Bible Studies

Catholic Scripture Study International: The Letter Of Paul To The Ephesians (3 DVDs):
Rev. Matthew Kauth, 2014 Catholic Scripture Study International. This study on St. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians presents a detailed explanation of this Epistle. The study includes ten 30-minute lectures on 3 DVDs and complete study guide.

Great Adventure, The: Adventures In Matthew – The King And His Kingdom – DVDs I and II:
Jeff Cavins, 2007 Ascension Press. Building on the foundation laid in The Great Adventure Bible Timeline, Adventures in Matthew focuses on Jesus as the fulfillment of the promises of the Old Testament. It also touches on Jesus’ establishment of the Church as the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Set in the context of Jesus’ Jewish culture, this study includes twenty-four fifty-minute talks, which will help you understand the universal truths of the Kingdom of God and God’s will for us today. DVD I: Introduction and Mt 1 – Jesus – The Son of David, the Son of Abraham, DVD II: Mt 2 – The King in Exile and Mt 3 – John, the Forerunner to the King. (Includes Leader’s Guide, Study Set Questions, and Study Set Responses.) (4 of 24 weeks)

Great Adventure, The: Adventures In Revelation – The Kingdom Yet To Come:
Jeff Cavins, 2007 Ascension Press. In Revelation, Jeff Cavins explores this book of the Bible to demonstrate how the Kingdom established by Christ in His Church is intimately connected with the Kingdom of Heaven, especially through the celebration of the Mass. You will also learn what all the mysterious figures and images of Revelation represent, as well as what will happen during the Second Coming of Christ, what has already happened, and what is happening now in salvation history. Six DVDs include an introduction and ten additional sessions. (Eleven weeks, each approximately 60 min.)

Great Adventure, The: James – Pearls For Wise Living:
Jeff Cavins, 2009 Ascension Press. James is a book of wisdom, a collection of teachings on issues faced by ordinary Christians in everyday life. These teaching speak loudly to all those who feel torn between the competing demands of this world and their faith. Topics include Wisdom for Tough Times, Wisdom and Pure Religion, Wisdom and the Law of Love, Faith Works with Wisdom, Wisdom is Known through Speech, Wisdom: False and True, Wisdom in Relationships, A Wise Perspective for Living, The Wisdom of Patience, The Wisdom of Confession and Prayer. Includes one sample study set. (11 sessions, each about 60 min., on 6 DVDs)

Great Adventure, The: Psalms – The School Of Prayer:
Jeff Cavins, 2010 Ascension Press. Psalms: The School of Prayer moves from telling the story of Scripture to making it personal. Join Jeff Cavins, Tim Gray, and Sarah Christmyer and learn how the Psalms can inform and transform your prayer. Topics covered in the series are Introduction, Getting the Big Picture, Seeing and Hearing the Psalms, Learning to Pray with the Psalms, The Responsorial Psalms, Royal and Messianic Psalms, Thirsting for God, Psalms of Pilgrimage and Ascents, Psalms of Suffering and Lament, The Penitential Psalms, Psalms of Praise and Thanksgiving. (Includes one sample Study Set and 11 segments, each about 50 minutes, on 6 DVDs)

Little Rock Scripture Study: Galatians And Romans:
2010 Liturgical Press. Paul insists that faith is fundamental to salvation and is the free gift of God’s love. Through letters to his fledgling communities, Paul offers reasons for hope and joy. Introduction, Sessions 1-4: Galatians, Sessions 5-13: Romans. (14 weeks)

Little Rock Scripture Study: Good News In New Places (2 DVDs):
2004 Liturgical Press. Explore the challenges faced by the early church in bringing the Gospel to Gentiles from a Jewish culture. Similar challenges face the Church today in evangelizing within cultural settings. DVD I: Introduction, Sessions 1-4, DVD II: Sessions 5-8. (9 weeks)

Lectio Divina Bible Study: The Creed In Scripture:
Stephen Binz, 2012 Our Sunday Visitor. This thirty-lesson study combines Lectio Divina with historical, theological, and biblical perspectives on the Creed. Discover how and why we proclaim belief in God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and in the Church as one, holy, catholic, and apostolic. Explore how the Scriptures formed the Creed, and how the Creed continues to guide our interpretation of Scripture. Using the practice of Lectio Divina, each chapter moves through a sequence of listening, understanding, reflecting, praying, and acting.

Threshold Bible Study: Pilgrimage In The Footsteps Of Jesus:
Stephen Binz, 2004 Twenty-Third Publications. Threshold Bible Study is a thematic Scripture series designed for both personal study and group discussion. The thirty lessons in each study may be used by an individual for daily study over the course of a month or may be divided into six lessons per week, providing a group study of six weekly sessions. Pilgrimage in the Footsteps of Jesus: Because Jesus entered our world in the human condition, our faith has deep roots in the physical places where he was born, walked and talked, laughed and wept, where he suffered, died, and rose again. Though a bodily pilgrimage to the Holy Land may not be possible for many, this imaginative pilgrimage unites these hallowed places with the sacred text associated with the life of Jesus. This geography of salvation can fill out the written gospels with tangible reality. Here we can imagine Jesus with his disciples along the lake, teaching on the mountainside, praying in the garden, and dying on the cross.