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Hosting an Online Small Group Study
Many busy men and women are seeking to connect with a small group, but are unable to meet face-to-face due to jobs, commitment, or small children or an elderly parent in the home. In response to this need, you may want to consider hosting an online small group study. These groups can meet any time night or day, welcoming those who may have felt excluded in the past. You choose the day and time of the week to host your online conversation, invite men or women to join, put it in the bulletin, and get started! Below are some tips for hosting a meaningful and successful online small group: 


Women’s Ministries: Webinar – Small Groups and Faith-filled Friendships


The Best, Most Dangerous, Thing That Can Happen to Your Parish by Jennifer Fitz: “A healthy parish, like the one I visited, makes the creation and on-going support of small-format parish gatherings a top priority.”


Small Groups that Attract Catholics by Chris Castaldo: “If I had a dime for every email message I receive from former Catholics in a month, I might be able to afford a Grande Americano at Starbucks. Very often they disclose their reason for leaving the Catholic Church in favor of evangelical Protestantism. Among these factors, a friendly Bible study group is at the top of the list.”


Small Community Ideas that Work: Invitation: by Renew International: “How many of us have ever needed help? How many of us see the same folks on every committee, every project, every team? Whether you are in need of small-community leaders, new members for your RENEW parish team, or any other ministry RENEW suggests four easy steps to get the results you want.”


Launching a Small Group Ministry, Facilitating Spirit-Filled Discussions and More! by Evangelical Catholic: “Find Facilitators, Plan Number of Groups, Find Hosts, Choose Good Materials, Provide Training, Advertise and Promote, etc.”


Tips for Starting a Group Bible Study: “One of the best ways to learn about scripture is to read it and discuss it with other people. Consider joining a Bible study program in your parish. If your parish doesn’t have a program, start a group Bible study yourself. Here are some suggestions for getting started.”


How to Lead a Bible Study Leader’s Guide by FOCUS: “Small-group Bible studies play a crucial role in the work of FOCUS. Knowing how to lead a Bible study is a valuable tool for winning people to Jesus Christ, building them up in their faith, and sending out to reach others. Learn the art of leading a Bible study through the articles below.”


Small Groups at Nativity Church of REBUILT: Model for Gathering and Leading Small Groups, including Resources:


Year-Long Series on the Power of Small Groups from the Archdiocesan Leaders Gram:


Online Webinars on Facilitating Small Groups by Loyola Press:

1st 10 Tips:

2nd 10 Tips:


Video on how NOT to facilitate a small group: