Advent Resources

2018 Advent Online Resources can be found here.

Please check the Archdiocesan Education Resource Center for additional resources or for your particular need:

Advent Awakenings by Renew International: “The Advent Awakenings series is based on the three-year cycle of the Lectionary. Each book contains four sessions corresponding with the Gospels of the four Sundays of Advent. Each session includes reflections, prayers, action responses, and song suggestions, plus seasonal devotions that families can use at home to enrich their Advent experience.”

Advent and Christmas: Bridges to Contemplative Living with Thomas Merton by Ave Maria Press: “In this accessible introduction to the writings of Thomas Merton, small-group participants are led on a path of spiritual growth from the first week of Advent through Christmas. Each of the book’s five sessions focuses on a distinct theme: hope, salvation, compassion, tenderness, or incarnation.”

Advent Light (Threshold Bible Study by Stephen Binz) by Twenty-Third Publication: “Advent is a time for new understanding, for putting different pieces of God’s revelation together to see the divine plan more clearly. We listen to the words of the ancient prophets, to the wisdom of Jesus, to the stories of his birth and infancy, and we make connections. Then we connect those truths to our own lives and our world and see how God is acting anew, how God continues to reveal the coming of Jesus today.”

Exploring Advent with Luke: Four Questions for Spiritual Growth by Timothy Clayton of Ave Maria Press: “This creative exploration of Advent guides readers to rediscover the power of the events leading up to the birth of Christ. The four questions of Luke chapter 1, as posed by Zechariah, Mary, Elizabeth, and the people in the Temple, spur readers to personal reflection on disappointment, inadequacy, openness, and trust.”

The Infancy Narratives by Little Rock Scripture Study: “Both the theme and the short length of this study (4 sessions) make it ideal for Advent study. It focuses on the opening chapters of Matthew and Luke, the only gospels, which describe the wondrous events surrounding the birth of the Messiah. This study also explores the many significant connections these two gospels make between the Old Testament and the birth of the Savior. Rich insights will be made as these two gospels are opened to reveal the special contribution each makes to our understanding of Jesus’ nativity. Deepen your longing for the Messiah’s coming again and ask God to be Emmanuel, ‘God with us.’”