Moving With Witness!

  1. Catholics Giving Witness by Pope Francis:
  2. Parishes Learning to Witness: Relit, the Heart of Evangelization, a program to train parish leadership in sharing the faith:
  3. Witness at Mass: One-minute lay witness before Mass; homily built on a witness story; communion reflection witness on being sent on mission.
  4. Catholic Evangelization Outreach: Listen to Catholic Lay Witness Talks and begin a CEO in your parish:
  5. Lifeteen: Everyday Evangelization for Teens:
  6. Taking Christ to the Streets: Mobilizing Catholics to Share the Gospel: St. Paul Street Evangelization:
  7. Share Your Faith with Anyone by Terry Barber: Easy Tips for Sharing Your Faith with Anyone!
  8. Catholics Come Home: Evangelizing Fallen Away Catholics:
  9. Bearing Witness: Crossroads Initiative: Word on Fire:
  10. Saints as Witnesses: Pivotal Players in the Catholic Church: Gifts of the Catholic Faith, Saints:
  11. Faith Formation for Witness: Witness through the Spirit by The Wild Goose:; Be My Witness by Renew International: