Living As Missionary Disciples

During the “Living as Missionary Disciples” days of reflection in February and March 2018 we explored ways that we, as ministers in the Church, can help form missionary disciples by fostering an encounter with Jesus Christ, accompanying parishioners in discipleship, building community, and sending forth disciples on mission. Evangelization principles were discussed in light of the kerygma (i.e. the proclamation of the Gospel).

If you would like to read the USCCB’s document “Living as Missionary Disciples: A Resource for Evangelization,” you may access it digitally or order a hard copy here:



For a list of recommended follow-up resources, click here.

The Kerygma Experience booklet may be accessed here. Feel free to print copies for use at your parish or school.

The script to use with the Kerygma Experience may be found here. Feel free to edit the script as you see fit.

Click here for a PDF version of the PowerPoint slides used during the “Living as Missionary Disciples” days.