Joyfully Gifted Retreat


Welcome to the Joyfully Gifted webpage for the Archdiocese of Dubuque! We are grateful to the Diocese of Cleveland for granting us permission to use all the materials created for the Joyfully Gifted spiritual gifts discernment process. We give special thanks to Terrie Baldwin, Director of Evangelization for the Diocese of Cleveland and co-creator of Joyfully Gifted, for generously sharing this wonderful opportunity.


If your parish/cluster is interested in presenting the Joyfully Gifted Retreat, please review all the resources below.  You may also want to review the basic timeframe/guideline for the Joyfully Gifted Retreat:


If your parish has decided to present the Joyfully Gifted Retreat, start by forming a team (using parishioners’ gifts), identifying a capable presenter(s) for the retreat, deciding on a date, booking a location, and creating a registration process.


Plan on promoting Joyfully Gifted through your bulletin, website, Facebook, pulpit announcement and personal invitation (always the most fruitful).  You may download Joyfully Gifted Retreat promotional materials and include your parish/cluster information here:


Next download the Joyfully Gifted Retreat Powerpoint (see below) to review and use for the retreat. Also, download and print off the Joyfully Gifted Retreat Presenter’s Guide (see below). The presenter should become very familiar with all the materials for the retreat (including the participant’s handouts), spending time reflecting on examples to use for the presentation.


Download the Joyfully Gifted Retreat Powerpoint:


Download the Joyfully Gifted Retreat Presenter’s Guide:


To become more comfortable with presenting, you may also watch the video of Terrie Baldwin, of the Diocese of Cleveland, presenting the Joyfully Gifted Retreat at the American Martyrs Retreat House, October 11, 2016:



When you have an idea of the number of participants will be attending, you may order Participant’s Packets from the Archdiocese of Dubuque print shop, $10.00 per packet, plus shipping (you also have the option of picking up the packets from the pastoral center). Please order several weeks in advance. Your parish will be billed.


Order Joyfully Gifted Retreat Participant Packets here:

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Finally, you will need to reserve the Celebrate What’s Right with the World, from the Archdiocesan Educational Resource Center here:


Extra ideas on how to use Joyfully Gifted in your parish:


Thank you so much for visiting this webpage. We are here to help you in any way. If you have any questions, or would like help in presenting the Joyfully Gifted Retreat in your parish or cluster, please contact:


Mary Pedersen, Office of Adult Faith:


Sr. Lynn Fangman, Office of Stewardship:


Know you are Joyfully Gifted!