IMPACT Expectations for Applicant and Parish

Expectations of Applicants:

Commit to growing in your faith in an exciting environment!

Commit to participating in all sessions, including the weekend retreats and on-line work.

Commit to completing the required reading, reflection papers, large and small group discussions, and other assigned work.

Seek a recommendation from your pastor/pastoral life coordinator (PLC).

Seek financial support from your parish through the pastor/PLC.

Complete and submit the application found at www.dbqarch.org/impact.


Expectations of Participants after Acceptance:

Obtain a spiritual mentor (a spiritual director or a spiritual friend). Your spiritual mentor can be a trusted friend who has wisdom and a depth of spirituality. Your spiritual mentor should be willing to meet with you once a month (September through April), read your reflection papers to provide you feedback, and help guide your direction in parish ministry.
A list of spiritual directors from the Archdiocese of Dubuque can be found here.

Be willing to share with your pastoral council each year while in the program to discuss your journey.

Meet with your pastor/parish life coordinator (PLC) near the end of IMPACT to discuss possibilities for enhanced or new involvement in the parish. If you accept financial support from your parish, enhanced involvement or new participation in the parish or community will be expected (there are no required hours however).

Acquire assigned resources (may be found at your parish library, from a friend, or on Amazon, approximately $50.00 per year). Book list will be sent with acceptance letter.

If parish sponsored, you will be responsible for $150.00 (one-half of cost) per year, plus resources. Please speak to your pastor/PLC if you are in need further assistance.



Expectations of the Parish (if the participant seeks parish support):

Recommendation from the pastor/parish life coordinator (PLC)

The pastoral council should meet with the participant each year to discuss his or her ministry, growth, and aspirations.

A meeting between the pastor/PLC and participant to discuss possibilities for enhanced or new involvement in the parish.

Financial support of $150.00 (one-half of the cost) per year, due by December 31st of each year.