Theme #6

Life in Jesus Christ

Spring of 2017, 2020, 2023

Overview: This theme will focus on concepts and precepts of the Catholic perspective of morality.

Goal: To help participants develop an appreciation for the moral concepts that directs the lives of Christ’s disciples, which will lead them to a life of happiness, joy, and peace.


Beatitude, Vocation, Morality, Mortal sin, Venial sin, Natural law, New law, Church law, Divine law, 10 Commandments, Sanctifying grace, Actual grace, Conscience, Virtue, Vice, Cardinal virtues, Theological virtues, Free will, Object/intent/circumstance.


  1. Understand God’s desire for us to be truly happy and joy-filled on earth while calling us to eternal life with Him.
  2. Embrace the concept that all of Catholic morality is based on our call to love God with all of our heart, mind, strength, and soul (first three commandments and the first of Jesus’ two great commandments).
  3. Embrace the concept that all of Catholic morality is based on our call to love our neighbors as ourselves (4th – 10th commandments and the second of Jesus’ two great commandments).
  4. Explore the meaning of sin, kinds of sins, and the consequence of how sinning alienates the sinner from God and others.
  5. Appreciate the value of forgiveness and reconciliation which are necessary for peace and right relationship with God and others.
  6. Recognize the role that forming a well-formed conscience plays in making good decisions.
  7. Learn about the role of the Church in guiding behavior and values.
  8. Explore how the Beatitudes are our means to happiness and joy.
  9. Discover how the Sacraments and prayer provide the grace to live a moral life.
  10. Reflect on the universal call to holiness and discipleship.