Theme #4

The Mission of Jesus Christ (The Paschal Mystery)


Spring of 2016, 2019, 2022

Overview: This theme will focus on how by dying, Jesus destroyed our death and, how by rising, he restored our life… the paschal mystery.

Goal: Participants will learn that for all eternity God has planned for us to share eternal happiness with Him, which is accomplished through the Paschal Mystery of Jesus, to which we are called to live.


Paschal Mystery, Original Sin, Concupiscence, Salvation history, Natural law, Mosaic Law, Covenant, Old Testament Covenant/New Covenant, Passion, The Last Supper, Agony in the Garden, Resurrection, Ascension, Pentecost,



  1. Realize the inherent worth (dignity) of each human person, God’s summit of all creation.
  2. Understand that the broken nature of our humanity (original sin) is reflected in our choices and actions and harms our relationship with God, putting us in need of redemption.
  3. Explore the covenants of the Old Testament in order to understand how God never stops loving His people.
  4. Understand that God established a new and everlasting covenant with His people through His Son Jesus Christ.
  5. Explore the parables to discover Christ’s teaching on the meaning of sacrificial love.
  6. Know Jesus as the ultimate example of love through His life, and His suffering (passion), death, resurrection, and ascension (Paschal Mystery.)
  7. Connect the suffering and death of Jesus with the Passover.
  8. Understand that humankind has been given the opportunity to share in eternal life through Christ’s resurrection and victory over death.
  9. Know Jesus as ever-living and ever-loving through the presence of His Spirit.
  10. Recognize that we are fulfilling the pascal mystery by actively participating in the Sunday liturgy.

See below for a list of helpful resources from the Educational Resource Center (ERC).

Theme #4