New High School Religious Education Curriculum

The Archdiocesan Office of Adolescent Faith Formation is requesting that parishes in the Archdiocese commit to covering the content of the following curriculum as a portion of their faith formation programming for adolescents in high school. This curriculum was created to implement the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (USCCB) adaptation of the High School Curriculum. Parishes are not to be limited to only engaging teens in the content of the curriculum. More engagement is always better. We do ask that all parishes make a deliberate effort to engage teens in the content of the curriculum as a minimum.

The Curriculum is divided into six themes that come from the six courses of the framework. Each theme is further divided into ten objectives. These objectives do not require any specific method for accomplishment, so parishes are not limited in their approach. For example, the objectives could be accomplished in a classroom, on a retreat, in a small faith sharing group, or a pilgrimage.

Each theme of the curriculum is to be covered in a specifically assigned time-frame so that all parishes/clusters/deaneries would be exploring the same objectives at the same time. This will allow from greater collaboration and also provide direction for shared programming. For example, all archdiocesan programs for high school students will focus on the assigned theme of the time. This also means that 9th graders will be exploring the same objectives as 12th graders, so parishes may need to adjust the models used for formation.


The determined time-frame for covering these objectives are as follows:

Theme #1: Revelation of Jesus Christ in ScriptureFall 2017
Theme #2: Who is Jesus ChristSpring 2018
Theme #3: Jesus Christ’s Mission Continues in the ChurchFall 2018
Theme #4: The Mission of Jesus Christ (Paschal Mystery)Spring 2019
Theme #5: Sacraments as Privileged Encounters with JesusFall 2019
Theme #6: Life in ChristSpring 2020

The cycle will continue for Fall 2017 thru Spring 2020, and again after that.

Resources available to assist parishes include all textbooks/handbooks that can be found on the USCCB Conformity List (namely The Catholic Faith Handbook (St. Mary Press) and Catholic Essentials (Ave Maria Press). Additionally, some resources that are not eligible for conformity review could also be used. Namely, the Adolescent Faith Formation Office suggests LifeTeen, YDisciple, and Youth Ministry Access as resources for parishes to use. The Teen Timeline (DVD series) could be used for some of the objectives in Theme #1 and The Theology of the Body for Teens (DVD series) could be used for some of the objectives in Theme #6. Additionally, the archdiocese recommends lesson plans developed by for parishes to utilize in this endeavor as well.

On-going training will be available for faith formation leaders, pastors, FFCs, and catechists.

The full curriculum can be found HERE.