Archdiocesan Faith Formation Commission & Archdiocesan Catholic School Board

The Archdiocesan Faith Formation Commission is an advisory commission to the Offices of the Faith Formation Division. The primary role of the commission is to serve as a “think tank” in making recommendations to the Offices of the Faith Formation Division relating to catechesis/faith formation in parishes. If needed, the commission may recommend a policy to the archbishop for his consideration. The commission’s work focuses on these areas of catechesis: adults, elderly, young adults, adolescents, children of catechetical age, early childhood, family, persons with disabilities, and the marginalized in light of the six tasks of Catechesis that include: promoting knowledge of faith, liturgical education, moral formation, education on how to pray, education for community life, and missionary initiation.

The Archdiocesan Catholic School Board (ACSB) has the purpose and the duties of advising and governing matters pertaining to education in the Catholic Schools of Archdiocese of Dubuque in accord with existing Archdiocesan policies and State of Iowa laws. Decisions of the Archdiocesan Catholic School Board when approved by the Archbishop are binding upon the staff of the Office of Catholic Schools; all subordinate governing bodies dealing with the operation of Catholic schools; and the pastors, principals, and staff of the schools within the Archdiocesan system. The ACSB is responsible for formulating policies relative to Catholic schools in light of the six tasks of catechesis.